our services


we specialize in cross-platform compatible websites.

we design top notch websites that showcase your business across all platformswe aim to present your business in the best light possible no matter what platform your customers (and potential customers!) are using.


our design services:
web design/mobile web design
branding identity
wordpress / blog creation
photography / film / video



web design / mobile web design

with a rising trend in mobile internet usage you'd be crazy not to have a website that looks great on computers and a spectrum of mobile devices like the  iphone, ipad, and android.  it's as essential as a business card was in the 80's.


branding / identity

whether it's logos, business cards, packaging, menus, letterhead, or signage, what you need is dynamic powerful design that engages your audience.  design that makes a statement of who you are and what you do.  and a well crafted design becomes a work of art.  this means that your clients will remember you and associate you with good work and impeccable taste.  


wordpress customization

wordpress is an amazing tool and we can show you how to harness it's full potential.  although it is intended for use by the average 'non-techie' business owner, it can still be frustrating to navigate. with our help you will master it and your business will benefit enormously.


photography / film / video

in addition to creating killer graphic art... we know how to find the perfect angle and capture the million dollar shot. there are times when you need to capture a specific moment.  something unique, that fosters a feeling of real human connection, that looks striking and professional and says all you need to say - in one compact image or a series of them.  either way we've got it covered.


now that you know what we can do, check out our portfolio section to see some examples.


a quick rundown of our technical skills: 

  • html5/html/xhtml
  • css (cascading style sheets)
  • seo (search engine optimization)
  • google analytics
  • javascript/jquery/php
  • photoshop/illustrator
  • wordpress
  • squarespace
  • ecommerce
  • web accesibility

did you know? 

In 2010 google became a "mobile first" company.  This means they program everything for mobile devices first!

Research shows that 28% of current internet usage is conducted from mobile phones and is expected to exceed 50% by 2015.


what does this mean for your business? 

It means your website should look as great on mobile devices as it does on your desktop to reach and impact the full population of potential customers.